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50 2473d 07h digiwombat /naranai/ Security now works properly on upload verifications. Fucking Flash still doesn't transmit cookie data over AJAX. THANKS FOR THE SECURTY, ADOBE!  
49 2473d 10h digiwombat /naranai/lib/ There was a typo in the SQL line to verify things. Fuck sake.  
48 2473d 10h digiwombat /naranai/lib/ Lawl few more typos as well.  
47 2473d 11h digiwombat /naranai/lib/ lawl. Syntax error.  
46 2474d 08h digiwombat /naranai/lib/ Just a quick change to reflect this removed file.  
45 2474d 08h digiwombat /naranai/ Major security changes to actually... you know... add security.

Fixes bug #76 and bug #69.
44 2503d 02h digiwombat /naranai/ Fixed bug #75.

WHEW! I should get back to updating this soon. Haha.
43 2637d 00h digiwombat /naranai/ Resolved bug 64.

Not really a bug, but still, now things are in alphabetical order. Just being lazy and wanted to use the automated resolution in Mantis. Awww yeah.
42 2637d 01h digiwombat /naranai/ Fixed paging per bug 66
Fixed favorites per bug 61, or rather, I completely redid the way favorites are handled so that it fits more in with things. You now get favorites by way of searching for fav:userid instead of via the page for favorites.
Links to favorites pages have been updated to the new format.
Delete mode added per bug 67. VERY DANGEROUS IF YOU ARE STUPID! Do not misuse it or complain to me if you delete the wrong shit.
41 2637d 02h digiwombat / Added parent posts per request in post #57  
40 2760d 20h digiwombat /naranai/admin/ Minor fix for pagination in user_management.php.  
39 2762d 08h digiwombat /naranai/ Updated forum_list.php to fix a topic ordering issue. That is to say, it would put topics with new posts in order, but not new topics themselves.  
38 2821d 03h digiwombat /naranai/install/ Updated the the install.php script to do things in a slightly more sane order. Colors are now done last since they are sort of the least important thing, overall. Also could be the problem some people are having due to the query size.  
37 2821d 18h digiwombat / Updated the INSTALL file with some worthless information.  
36 2827d 22h digiwombat /naranai/ Fucking spelling error that's been in for 800 years. Fuck sake.  
35 2846d 02h digiwombat /naranai/lib/ Fixed bug #60. Whoops.  
34 2853d 06h digiwombat /naranai/ Fixes the following:
#55 #56 #58

Impregnates the following:
Lolis Futas Traps(?)
33 2853d 06h digiwombat /naranai/ Fixed bug #54

Now using a more robust special character cleaning function: clean_tags($string) which is in functions.php
32 2957d 06h digiwombat /sql/ Added sql/shimmie2-to-naranai.sql.

This is just a SQL Diff of the two tables and it doesn't account for any fixes that need to be done post DB crossover (like setting your user_levels and shit like that). Might also do username/password shit differently, so I'd need to code in something for that.
31 2959d 08h digiwombat /naranai/lib/ Fixed a few bugs to do with notes, including one for initial creation of notes, likewise, one for rendering not formatting because I am an idiot.  

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