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35 2964d 09h digiwombat /naranai/lib/ Fixed bug #60. Whoops.  
34 2971d 13h digiwombat /naranai/ Fixes the following:
#55 #56 #58

Impregnates the following:
Lolis Futas Traps(?)
33 2971d 13h digiwombat /naranai/ Fixed bug #54

Now using a more robust special character cleaning function: clean_tags($string) which is in functions.php
32 3075d 12h digiwombat /sql/ Added sql/shimmie2-to-naranai.sql.

This is just a SQL Diff of the two tables and it doesn't account for any fixes that need to be done post DB crossover (like setting your user_levels and shit like that). Might also do username/password shit differently, so I'd need to code in something for that.
31 3077d 15h digiwombat /naranai/lib/ Fixed a few bugs to do with notes, including one for initial creation of notes, likewise, one for rendering not formatting because I am an idiot.  
30 3080d 13h digiwombat / Created an installer. Read INSTALL to get the skinny.  
29 3080d 17h digiwombat /naranai/ Fixed some other shit to bring shit in line with other shit. Shit yeah. Uploads working properly again. haha.  
28 3080d 18h digiwombat /sql/ Zeroed sql/upgrade.sql since it's worthless at the moment. Uhhhh, yeah. Also fixed #46 and #47. I am being lazy and don't want to manually set them to resolved in the bug tracker. Haha.  
27 3080d 18h digiwombat /naranai/ Bringing naranai 1.0b to the motherfucking masses. Forum shit implemented, mootools.js to 1.2.4 (not updated mootools more due to heavy changes there which would require recoding to make use of), user management, added some other levels to dbinfo to keep shit consistent. Yep!  
26 3120d 20h digiwombat /naranai/ Some changes I neglected to the display things. The str_replace was in the wrong spot, so I removed it completely instead of just moving it.  
25 3120d 21h digiwombat /naranai/ Fixed one more bullshit bug from asshole county. Fixed #49  
24 3121d 09h digiwombat /naranai/ Fixes #48. Changes group_view.php so that SQL's group_concat function wouldn't limit the characters returned per row. I upped it to 2500, so that should limit the number of issues where this can happen, if not, I'll up it again. Haha.  
23 3122d 02h digiwombat /naranai/lib/ Missed some JS checks for anon tag edit changes. (Doesn't draw the note remove button for non-admins, causes JS error. Fixed that.)  
22 3122d 12h digiwombat /naranai/ Fixed some bugs regarding anonymous editing, and also put in some spam prevention (if a image has tags, and someone removes all the tags, it assumes it's a spammerdoosh or troll and throws out the changes.). Yes, I know that should have been in there 800 years ago, shut up.  
21 3123d 11h digiwombat /naranai/ Made it so the year auto updates. Haha. Yeaaaah, worthless. *thumbs up*

I'll get around to some proper fixes/upgrades shortly, I promise.
20 3132d 16h digiwombat /naranai/ Made sure it got rid of the name in the tooltips. Will add them back later, just fucks up tag editing for now.  
19 3135d 08h digiwombat /naranai/ Fixed the formatting for the e-mail.  
18 3135d 09h digiwombat /naranai/ Fixed some stuff in approve.php.  
17 3156d 01h digiwombat /naranai/styles/main/ Just a little update to get comment lists working properly on Chrome and possibly a few other browsers. Whoops.  
16 3179d 13h digiwombat /naranai/lib/ Fucked some JS errors relating to user levels. Fixes #45  

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